NYEMA Projects, Inc.

Medical Clinic at Kala Rongo

NYEMA Projects is pleased to announce a further step forward in its commitment to the people of Nangchen, as well as the opening of a new window of opportunity for women in Tibet.

Medical Staff

Moved by the dedication of the women's monastic community at Kala Rongo Monastery and by the needs of the local populace, Dr. Guru Tsering (pictured) has decided to make the monastery his full-time residence. Thanks to ongoing donations from NYEMA Projects sponsors, for several years Dr. Tsering had been travelling back and forth between his home district and Kala Rongo in order to provide medical assistance to the nuns, the practitioners engaged in the three-year retreat, and the residents of the surrounding communities. Prior to his visits, no professional health care had been available in this area for several decades.

Dr. Tsering is a widely respected practitioner of traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine, and is fully licensed in both fields. He trained under the guidance of Nangchen native Dr. Palgyam, a well known Tibetan medical physician and teacher in the region, and completed his studies in Chinese medicine in the nearby city of Sharnda. Dr. Tsering will be assisted by Lama Tenpal, a Korche monk also fully licensed to practice Tibetan and Chinese medicine.


NYEMA Projects has begun constructing a fully equipped medical clinic on the monastery grounds. When completed, the clinic will also serve as a training facility, where qualified nuns and lay women will study Tibetan and Chinese medicine under the supervision of Dr. Tsering and Lama Tenpal, thus opening a new area of opportunity for women in Tibet.

This medical clinic and training facility can only become a reality with your support. All donations will be used to defray construction costs and to provide the clinic with medical supplies and equipment, and the training facility with necessary texts. Your kindness will have an impact now and for generations to come.