NYEMA Projects, Inc.

Project Goals

NYEMA needs to raise approximately $500,000 this year to maintain current projects and carry out new construction.


We plan to maintain the existing NYEMA schools in cooperation with the local government, which has formally agreed to assist in their support; and to continue establishing additional schools until all children in Nangchen, at the bare minimum, have the opportunity to learn how to read and write.

By our efforts at efficiency, we turn western donations into a small miracle every year. Over 1,000 children are benefiting from NYEMA's school programs at a fraction of the cost of a single private college education.


NYEMA has successfully established 17 health-care clinics throughout Nangchen. We are presently focusing on a medical clinic and medical training program for women located at Kala Rongo monastery. The clinic will serve the nuns of Kala Rongo as well as the local community.


We plan to continue supporting both Korche and Kala Rongo Monasteries as cultural, educational and medical resources for the community, as well as their affiliate, Samtenling.

Follow the progress of our projects in our newsletter, The NYEMA Sun.