NYEMA Projects, Inc.

2012 Edition Vol. 8, No. 1


  • Kala Rongo's new monastery
  • Welcome procession at Kala Rongo
  • Lama Norlha Rinpoche bestows an empowerment at Kala Rongo
  • Kala Rongo's ShedraWork continues in the "shedra" (monastic college) where shrine cabinets are being built to house additional Buddha statues.
  • Kala Rongo's teachersKhenpo Tsedor (left), the monastery's new abbot, Tsering Dorje teaches every day at the monastic, while Druppon Lama (right) teaches at the three-year retreat.
  • Kala Rongo's three-year retreat buildingThe current retreat is in its second year and is the seventh retreat cycle at Kala Rongo.
  • Kala Rongo's new shrine roomMuch of the painting and carpentry work has been completed in the new shrine room.
  • Kala Rongo's guest house
  • Lama Norlha Rinpoche with the Kala Rongo community
  • Dr. Guru Tsering with Lama Norlha RinpocheDr. Guru Tsering (left) reports that the medical clinic at Kala Rongo is doing well.
  • Samtenling's new shrine roomThe nuns in retreat at Kala Rongo's affiliate center, Samtenling, are doing well.
  • Korche monks make offerings to Lama Norlha Rinpoche
  • Korche Monastery's shrine roomThe walls of Korche's main shrine room were not structurally sound and are now being reinforced. Several people, including Lama Norlha Rinpoche, have donated money to help rebuild inside.
  • Public empowerment at Korche MonasteryLama Norlha Rinpoche bestows a day-long Amitabha empowerment attended by about 1,000 monks, nuns and laypeople.
  • Korche Monastery's yarne chantingThe three-month long "yarne" (summer retreat) chanting included 230 monks who are studying at Korche's monastic college.

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