NYEMA Projects, Inc.

How You Can Help

A contribution in any amount, even just one dollar, is welcome. U.S. currency goes a long way in Tibet. Here are some ideas of what your tax-deductible gift might buy:

Korche Monastery and Kala Rongo Monastery

  • Sponsor a monk or a nun for one year: $150.
  • Buy a yak for the monastery (provides butter, cheese and milk): $100.
  • Sponsor a meal for monks or nuns: $25-$100.
  • Korche and Kala Rongo Colleges

  • Buy a used truck for college construction and maintenance: $5000.
  • Support one monk or nun for the duration of the nine-year college program: $2,400.
  • Help buy a tractor: $2000.
  • Hire a senior instructor for one year: $650.
  • Sponsor a classroom (with a plaque acknowledging your gift): $500.
  • Hire an assistant instructor for one year: $350.
  • Sponsor a college student for one year: $300 ($30 per month).
  • Provide writing supplies for 100 students for a month: $25.
  • Buy a blackboard: $15.
  • Sponsor the purchase of a shovel: $7;  a hammer: $5.
  • Nangchen Education Initiative and Medical Association

  • The price of eight pieces of Godiva chocolate (approximately $11) would provide a month's education for 25 children in a village school.
  • The price of a shirt (approximately $30) would provide medical examinations for the children of one village.
  • Just one day's pay at an annual salary of $20,000 (approximately $75) would support one village school for three months.
  • ... at an annual salary of $50,000 (approximately $200) would support one village school for one year.
  • ... at an annual salary of $100,000 (approximately $400) would provide education and housing for three children for one year, or medicine for a mobile clinic for one month.
  • Or, if you have been fortunate in your investments, you may consider turning some shares into benefit for others:

  • Build a clinic in a rural village: $8000.
  • Support the entire network of 41 village schools (about 1,000 children) for a year: $7,000.
  • Through the investment of financial resources, educational or medical supplies, time or skills, you can offer the people of Nangchen the opportunity to improve their standard of living and to protect their unique cultural heritage.

    Less than 5% of funding goes to administrative overhead.

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