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CDs Recorded Live in Tibet

All proceeds will be donated to NYEMA Projects, Inc. for humanitarian projects in Nangchen, east Tibet.

Rain of Blessings     $15

Preserving a tradition of tantric practice dating back thousands of years, the monks of Korche Monastery and the nuns of Kala Rongo chant sacred feast songs expressing the transcendent joy of the mind soaring free from attachment and aversion. Devotional songs and intoned mantras evoke the vanishing tradition, born in the high mountains of Tibet, of the wandering yogi’s spontaneous expression of inspiration.

Sacred Drum of Tibet     $15

Tibetan monks and nuns of Nangchen chant the profound practice of Chöd (Cutting Through the Illusion of Ego). Traditionally practiced in charnel grounds by wandering yogis, Chöd is a sacred meditation that dissolves fear and ego-clinging into the expanse of luminous awareness. Also included is the Eight Verses of Auspiciousness, a traditional prayer for the removal of obstacles and the accomplishment of one's aspirations, chanted by Lama Norlha Rinpoche and the monks of Korche Monastery.

Rising Sun of Nangchen     $15

These authentic Tibetan folk songs evoke the buoyant spirit of old Tibet—a spirit that delights in the beauty of the natural environment and the intimate connection between the inner spirit and the outer world.

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CD: Rain of Blessings

CD: Sacred Drum

CD: Rising Sun